Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama: Hate the game, player.

This shouldn't really be my post, but the madman sent me a link to a story on Gawker about a local reporter named Nicklaus Lovelady in Georgia and I couldn't resist sharing this brief soundbite for those swing-staters doubting the senator's cool.

According to the post, at a 2006 Southern Illinois appearance, Lovelady stood up to ask Obama a question and was initially dismissed by the senator who thought he was from a college paper because of his "baby face." Upon hearing Obama's comment, the crowd of 800 people, including a female reporter that Lovelady had been eyeing, burst into laughter prompting Lovelady to write a harsh column shortly after the incident.

But who would have expected a state senator to call the reporter and issue a public apology. Friends [(c) J.McCain ], I think I'm going to be sending out some greeting cards in the near future with a little snippet of Obama saying, "I'm calling to publicly apology for messing up your game."

Oh man...
I guess his biggest flaw might really be that he's just "a little too awesome."

Speaking of which, I was in Chicago last weekend and got some pics of the police and barricades surrounding his house and the synagogue across the street, which members must now enter through the back door. Talk about racial irony...




Yes, I realize this comes across as having a twinge of stalker. But please, don't hate the player, hate the game. And you know you'd have snapped one too if you were across the street.

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