Friday, October 31, 2008

Oddisee and Peter Rosenberg's "A Rosenberg Oddisee"

I haven't heard word from this guy in about 2 minutes, but Oddisee just teamed up (read: met up) with Peter Rosenberg to produce a new EP that he says they put out in a day. The list of artists on A Rosenberg Oddisee includes Skyzoo and Saigon among others.

Some of Oddisee's production is sick, so if you're not up on him yet, I suggest you get up. I'm into headnod/headbangers, so I'm a big fan of his production, but I especially like those moments when he steps outside the genre and experiments, often collaborating with artists you wouldn't expect.  Even Nikki Jean of Philly's Nouveau Riche is featured on a song called "Tell The Truth." (You  might recognize her from Lupe's "Hip Hop Saved My Life".)

Show him so love and make the trip to his blog for the EP. It's free.

Here are a couple of songs not on the EP for those unfamiliar with his work:

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