Friday, September 5, 2008


Not only am I uninspired...

...but my junk's collecting dust.

Hear ye, hip hoppers and hopped up hipsters:

Send me your favorite tunes to listen to on wax. Direct to sipsofthebrew at gmail or post your selections to the comments section.

lots of lovin,
PR, CL & 15.

P.S. I am in a painting painted by a dope painter. Have a look-see in New Haven if you have time.
Chorus 2x


hobo said...

Anything by Leonard Cohen on Vinyl.
Mose Allison-a young man
Neil Young-Down by the River
CCR-Born on the Bayou

One from nostalgia-
When the Levy breaks by Zep ( I had this cheap turntable in my studio that had terrible needle balance. when it got to the inside of the record it would slide back to the last phrasing of the song. I'd be in the middle of painting and not want to get up, so I'd hear it over and over again)

Fifteen said...

ahahaha. that's hip hop.

thanks for the suggestions, prof.