Tuesday, November 4, 2008

O, Yes We Did.

If you didn't already hear, I'm glad I could be the one to tell you, but you're kinda late on this.  Barack Obama will be our 44th President. My campus, like many others across the country (globe, potentially?) is going nuts.  I even saw the President make an appearance at the all campus party going on outside our campus center and on the football field/the hill.  I'd love to write a long critical post about the dangers of celebrating too quickly, potential spins on this victory and which people feel entitled to/should claim it right now--but I've got an all-nighter to pull, plus I don't want to spoil this moment too soon, so I'll instead share some music.

J. Kwest - I Am (Obama)

So, second even bigger shout out to Mica.  I was just checking out this video on Blind I by J. Kwest for "I Am (Obama)" and recognized a bunch of shots of Pilsen and Mica's Mural--twice!  That's pretty cool.  The mural she worked on was part of a community art project organized through the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Some more music by Damu the Fudgemunk who produced this Yes We Can beat just for the occasion.  Aside from funky sound quality on my end, I'm really feeling what he did with this.  Check it out and get more info at Wonka Beats.  

Finally new Nas and Green Lantern recorded last night.  Seen on Miss Info.

ok ok ok, final post--cutest video ever. Just watched it on Feministing.

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