Saturday, October 18, 2008

Racism in 2008 Presidential Election: Stakes Is High

Do the world a favor, and choose wisely.
Y'all know them stakes is high

And while you're waiting for you download, send your full name and state to 
endracistcampaigns at gmail dot com and sign my friend's petition. Whether 
or not you're for or against Obama, I'm hoping you're at least against arab 
xenophobia and islamophobia being encouraged and used in the campaign. 

Here's the petition:
Dear Obama Campaign,
We, as Obama supporters, are strongly disappointed at the compliance by
the Obama campaign with the anti-Arab/anti-Muslim rhetoric that has become
acceptable in this campaign season. While we plan on voting for Obama in
this election, we demand a more nuanced and confrontational approach to
the racist comments that have become an unquestioned part of the national
conversation over his merit for presidency.  While we understand that
Obama wants to distance himself from the scary and hurtful images
associated with Islam and Arab culture in this country, he needs to do so
not by complying with those stereotypes, but rather by drawing their
existence into question. He needs to directly confront McCain’s racist
comments over the weekend of Oct 11th , and he needs to make more of an
effort to end this racist dialogue before the elections in November.

As avid supporters of Obama, we feel it is our obligation to make sure
that he stays true to his slogan, that this campaign is truly “the change
we can all believe in.”  We believe in Obama, and for this reason, we feel
we must voice our concern and disappointment with his campaign’s response
to these issues, but also our hope and belief that Obama can and will find
a solution to this problem that is based on the unity that he preaches,
and not the distance and dissociation that he is fighting against.

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