Friday, October 17, 2008

The Post w/ the Most Mos

I've been re-listening to Tru3 Magic a lot recently; can't believe it hasn't been in my daily rotation! Excellent production throughout (loving the bass on almost every track), strong concepts and smooth transitions from rugged-raw spittin to more sing-song tracks. Although, in response to all the "Mos be singin too much" criticisms from The New Danger, he mostly sticks to rapping. Here are a few of my favorites. Write-ups after the playlist. Also, a video of Mos previewing "Pretty Dancer" at the Y in February. It's a cappella, but the track is supposedly produced by Madlib. Can't wait.

U R the One — Not many rappers willing to get this personal. Gotta love it. And the breakdown at the end?? Brilliant. "It's a dangerous necessity / It's a world-famous mystery: / Love"

Crime and Medicine — A great remake. This used to be a staple for the cession playlist (along with Weezy's "You Ain't Know"—in case you were wondering). Always wondered who that "strange times" girl was lol.

There Is A Way — I remember being at a show where he debuted this joint. What I love about it is the concept: a song EVERYONE can sing. Together. That is one of the most powerful ideas I've ever heard from an emcee—seriously. I think too many folks got too caught up in its simplicity without looking at the idea behind it.

Sun, Moon and Stars — I'm having trouble really pinpointing the musical lineage he's drawing from here. It sounds like some combination of jazz (the sax at the end), funk (the prominent bass and horns throughout), Negro spiritual (Mos's singing) ..and head-nod-inducing hip hop (the drums; by god, the drums!). Love it.

Fake Bonanza — Straight up hip hop. Nothing extra about it. Scrunch up your face and loosen ya neck muscles. Love the drums.


Fifteen said...

I was torn on tru3 magik. When it came out I couldn't say it was a quality mos album. But Fake Bonanza was my jump, and i liked dollar day too. although that could have been highly influenced by my time working in the 9th ward.

great video.

the madman in question said...

yea yo, i didn't really dig it when i first heard it. like, NONE of it. i was probably a little jaded after the new danger. but now as my musical tastes have developed, i enjoy a good majority of the tracks.