Thursday, October 23, 2008

Florida Hip Hop: Travis Williams

What, you didn't think we had heat?! Wrong! Wrong!! (c) Charlie Murphy

I mean, it IS the Sunshine State ..of course we got heat! And sol of course ;)

I'm gonna showcase some of my favorites out of the state-where-your-older-relatives-be-at. Peep the playlist for a preview, then check for the write-up and album links.

Trav Williams — Young emcee from my old stomping grounds, Fort Lauderdale (Deepside ..Sunrise ..*gunshots). Unique voice, concepts for the average 10–6 person, solid production (particularly on The Trickle Down)—could use better engineering though. Po' folks, $5.15 minimum wage type of music, with some pretty clever stories sprinkled in; I think my favorite story track would be Night at the Roxbury (on The Trickle Down). Of course, New York to Lauderhill is my jam, as it's pretty much my life story. Good stuff. Make sure you listen close—he also drops knowledge reeeal subtle-like. Click here for an interview on the Kevin Nottingham blog. And another on
Discography: The Trickle Down; Lean On Me Mixtape

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