Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dope updates from the blogosphere:
  • Ok, this one's kind of old but still not stale--The Hobo puts us one step closer to becoming the bionic wo/men we've so longed to be with word of an audio tooth implant. Because the voices already in your head weren't enough.
  • The Meaning of Dope gives us a nice throwback to a much simpler 1986 when Biz Markie was sporting a smaller belt size, and Big Daddy Kane rocked rhymes before ropes.
  • Jillian & Tala (!) over at Sophistafunk provide a sneek peek at the state of Iranian fashion.
  • Anthony puts us on to a new kind of internet mashup--though this one is a little less Girl Talk than Geek Squad
  • oddISEE! This is less of a dopedate and more of an "I couldn't rip this from the redbullacademy site, so I gotta link you to it directly," but Oddisee, one of my favorite producers, just did a song with German producer Suff Daddy that's worth giving a listen or two or three.  Sorry to be on that electro tip (not really sorry) but I fiend for heavy bass lines and head nod ish.  It's listed as Suff feat Oddisee and Kev Brown, so I'm guessing they all did some work on the production side (it sounds like they did), but O rhymes over the track.
don't worry...more music soon.

((keep bouncin))

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