Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Mos Def + some teaser info from ?uesto

The amount of buzz around Mos Def's new album, The Ecstatic, is pretty tough to ignore. Songs from the album are steadily leaking, and he seems to be doing a lot of PR—as to be expected from anyone releasing an album, but still: it's Mos, so there's a group of loyal fans (myself included) who perk up their ears and dare to get a little excited about hip hop again. So, I present to you a new track ("Quiet Dog" — is that Fela on the intro?) from the upcoming album, as well as live recordings of his "Brooklyn Go Hard" remix and another track from the album, "Casa Forte" (all spotted at okayplayer). As a bonus, I pasted ?uestlove's response to a question I posted on the okayplayer boards recently regarding Mos' verse on "Rising Down"; he drops some teaser info regarding one of the as-yet-unleaked tracks (featuring Black Thought, apparently). Enjoy!

My question: I've noticed [Mos] has a tendency to go longer than a standard 16, and [on "Rising Down"] it sounded like he did but was cut off to fit the song. Anyone know if that's true? If so, is there audio of the full "verse" anywhere?

?uest's response: "LEADER" was his last word. HOWEVER the shit on HIS album?!?!!!?!?!?!!?

ive never seen riq baffled by a track ever. lol
this shit is a challenge and a half. but if done right?!?!!?

i will dread the day it was born for i know we will be FORCED to learn this shit. timing wise it is THE most non sequitur song ive ever heard. i mean i've heard crazy def jux shit and some blackalicious chemical cal shit comes to mind. but these two right here? are going for the bus driver rhyming meter award.

mos' FIRST verse is about 3:29 seconds. THE FIRST VERSE.

like riq comes in at the 5 minute mark. at first i was offended like "is this nigga trying to set you up to fail?!?!?!" so he on some "fuck that!" shit.

this song is like "whoa"

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