Friday, December 19, 2008

IMMIGRANT Music Part 2: Visas and Passports


How about we clean out some draft boxes, eh?

This post has just been sitting for about a month. But it's been a crazy month. And it's about to be an even crazier one. As I write this, the madman in question is making his way back to the land of our mothers (Jamaica), and he better bring back some music and photos... As for myself, I'll be on my way to Tunis (shotta shotta!--wait, that's not allowed there, is it? Khalas...) by way of Roma come New Years. That said, I thought it wouldn't hurt too bad to put up this really old post because it's still relevant!

We'll be out getting a taste of international flavor, so it's only fair that you have yours. This is sort of a random mix of songs that have been infiltrating my headphones, either from personal searches or recommendations by friends in the past month and a half. As usual, click the divshare link to load individual songs.

And if anyone's in Tunisia or Rome, or has been to either and wants to share some advice on things to do and places to see/photograph, hit up the inbox. In the meantime check out the blog of my potential future flight buddy "I" over at The People Could Were Fly.

Buju Banton . . . Driver A

Mathieu Boogaerts . . . Comment tu t'appelles

(Props to Sha for this.)

Rang De (from the Movie Thakshak)

(I saw a performance to this song at a South Asian cultural show and haven't been able to turn it off. But apparently it's a favorite at wedding parties and choreographed dances for little girls haha)

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