Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blu x Alchemist x The Clipse

Some new shit from all of these dudes—and what a coincidence, they're all related.

First up, the video for Johnson&Johnson's Up All Night joint. (Spotted at okayplayer.) Easily my favorite track from the self-titled album, and the rest of the album is dope too: brilliantly raw hip hop, something that's been missing for quite some time, and a bold (yet fitting) departure from Below the Heavens. The video is nice, simple and fits the song concept well. (Fif, I swore that was Victor in the studio w/ Blu lol.)

Moving on, we have a single from Alchemist's EP, The Alchemist's Cookbook: Better Living Through Chemistry—"Therapy" featuring Evidence, Blu and Kid Cudi. Not a bad joint at all. (Spotted at okayplayer.)

Next, a new video from the same Alchemist album: "Lose Your Life" featuring Snoop, Pusha T and Jadakiss. Pretty trippy stuff; I dig it. (Spotted at the Play Cloths blog, home of the upcoming Clipse clothing line.)

And speaking of the Clipse, here's the intro for their upcoming mixtape, The Road to Til the Casket Drops. Dope shit from one of my favorite hip hop groups. "As pure as a child's heart" ..fresh! Not the most dazzling production, but it's reminiscent of the Hell Hath No Fury intro—and if the album draws similar comparisons to HHNF, then I'll be one happy hip-hopper. Looking forward to this one.

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