Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Florida Hip Hop: Willie Evans, Jr.

What, you didn't think we had heat?! Wrong! Wrong!! (c) Charlie Murphy

I mean, it IS the Sunshine State ..of course we got heat! And sol of course ;)

I'm gonna showcase some of my favorites out of the state-where-your-older-relatives-be-at. Peep the playlist for a preview, then check for the album links.

Willie Evans, Jr.
— Producer/emcee from Jacksonville. This guy is bananas: he chops up samples from videos and makes beats from them. For an example, check this. Or this. Okay, now that you have an idea, imagine him projecting this on a screen at a show so you actually get a visualization of his chops. Yea. We on some next level shit, hit you with multi-sensory experiences. He used to do production for The Perceptionists and was also one half of the Alias Brothers (the AB's) along with Asamov. Not sure what his affiliation with is, but he reps it. Here's an interview for a little more information (which is a little tough to come by for this dude).
Discography: Communication; random cuts with Mr. Lif, Therapy, Akrobatik and other folks

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