Monday, September 22, 2008

heinz: the catch-up post

Alright, so it's been a minute. Shouldn'ta left you. Et cetera. Anyway, here's some stuff to get us all back in the groove. Really interested in that new FE; I remember thoroughly enjoying Connected—I should actually revisit that album come to think of it. So should you

You should also check the new Cool Kids joint. Video below. On heavy rotation in the cubicle. I'll admit I was skeptical of them at first, but they got (consistent!) heat. The video is cool too.

And lastly, the video for The Lo's "Lumdi" joint. 

All links courtesy of okayplayer—I'm lazy and I have a day job: sue me.  :P


The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind Sampler

The Cool Kids - Delivery Man

The Lo - Lumdi 

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