Thursday, August 21, 2008


Union Square--Sha is trippin for taking this picture with Mr. Wendell, but he was definitely trippin in more ways than one that day...
(more on Wendell...1, 2, 3. the third is a response to the NYMag article. check the left column.)

Right now I'm really feeling this song by Cali native Flying Lotus from his album Los Angeles, just released in June. For those fairly familiar with my musical tastes (ahem J*D) it comes as no surprise that I'd be drawn to Fly's gritty electronic beats fused with jazz, hip hop, and r&B/soul. His sound is often compared to Dilla, and he himself recognizes the former producer as influential to his style. Even more fascinating, however, is his relation to great-aunt Alice Coltrane, jazz musician and wife of famous saxophonist John Coltrane.

Known for her own innovation in terms of sound, Mrs. Coltrane, who also went by the name Turiyasangitananda until the time of her death in 2007, mastered many instruments and was one of few skilled jazz harpists. One can also hear the coalescence of south asian, jazz, and other musical forms in her work. It's safe to say that artistry and ingenuity are literally in Flying Lotus' blood. But, for all the praises, I gotta say...they're both really trippy.

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